Merry Christmas

This morning we explained to my dear daughter that there was a time when there was no Christmas. Hard to imagine for her…seeing all the gifts under the tree. One birth long ago made all this happen…the joy, the anticipation, the generosity, and the celebration, and that was just the tip of the iceberg of what he brought and did.


Can you hear it?
An expectant silence,
a hushed anticipation,
as if the very galaxy
is holding its breath.
There are some truths
even the stars know,
like darkness,
like loneliness
and how the night
can be a living thing.
And how once, long ago,
the night waited in wonder
along with the darkness
and the loneliness,
for the sound of a baby’s cry,
for the miraculous
to come down
to the earth mundane.
— written by Lucinda Hynett, in Alive Now.

If you have minute…enjoy the song “The night before Christmas”…are you ready for Him?

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