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When Dr. Moon, of Brighton, England, was suddenly struck with blindness, he said, “Lord, I accept this ‘talent’ of blindness from You. Help me to use it for Your glory so that when You return, you may receive it ‘back with interest’ (Matt 25:27).” He went on to develop the Moon alphabet giving those who were blind the opportunity to read the Bible.

Not many of us are struck with blindness, but each of us have been given certain ‘talents’ (not the natural gifting kind) we would rather not have. I would like to be less of a thinker, but probably if I wasn’t that I couldn’t do my job as well and definitely wouldn’t be doing this blog. I would have liked to avoid certain areas of pain in my life, but there again I wouldn’t be where I am now either, doing what I’m doing.

How about you? What is your ‘talent’ and how has it become a ministry of thorns?

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