What are your battles? The ‘good fight’ you have fought? I got to wondering what ‘fighting’ really looked like in the year 2011? These were some ideas that came to my mind…taking a stand when your husband is involved in pornography, fighting for the hearts of the poor by giving to Samaritan’s Purse or organizations like it. Maybe it looks like coming along side a friend who is going through a difficult time. Maybe it’s comforting someone who is grieving and maybe it’s calling out bad behavior in your kids (or spouse)  when it would be easier to just let it slide. Maybe it looks like going the extra mile or doing something extra special for someone. Maybe it looks like slogging through pain and suffering, knowing there is a promised redemption to come. Maybe it looks like advocating for someone who is sick.Could it be that our swords are words, and hugs, and listening ears, prayers and verses, songs and kindness. If this is how we fight…how goes your fight?

“What nobler medal of honor could any godly person seek than the scars of service, personal loss for the crown of reward, disgrace for the sake of Christ, and being worn out in the Master’s service!”

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