It was an early morning today with two stockings stuffed to the brim, and two eager kids (and a cat…yes he had a stocking too this year) ready to see what was inside them. At our house we hang up stockings on the 5th to celebrate St. Nicholaus day.  The kids have been looking forward to it for a long time and are both pretty happy about not having to wait as long as their friends.

Christmas is all about anticipation…the celebrations, the gifts, the food and for believers, Jesus arrival. In early Christian history, advent and lighting of the advent wreath was really about anticipating Jesus’ second coming. “In Medieval times advent was a fast during which people’s thoughts were directed to the expected second coming of Christ; but in modern times it has been seen as the lead up to Christmas.” Source Wikipedia

It puts things in perspective for where hope should be. It’s fun doing all the other stuff, but havingJesus at the center takes things to a whole other level.

What are you anticipating this Christmas?

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