My daughter’s class is having a holiday market, where they make something to ‘sell’ to their classmates. It’s a bit orchestrated in that each of the 20 students has 20 items to sell and 20 ‘dollars’ to spend. After deciding that she wanted to make lanyards (my husband’s brilliant idea) we went to three different craft stores before finding exactly what we needed at Hobby Lobby. It was a zoo, with shoppers hustling and bustling for Christmas decorations and gifts.

Christmas, my favorite event of the year, adds an extra demand for our time. At our house are trying to be intentional about savoring the moments…lighting the advent wreath, opening the advent calendar, watching the movie Elf – celebrating. There is strength and faith to be gained here, but not in the busy of buying and jostling for gifts. It’s in the quiet savoring of what happened so many years go in Bethlehem.

“Strength is not found in busyness and noise but in quietness.”

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