God is a maker, designer, and creator. His works of art are painted daily in the motion of birds swooping low, and the sun following it’s path across the sky. The clouds add texture, snowflakes elements of hidden intricacies waiting to be discovered and marveled at. He orchestrated to great detail this experience of ours.

We used to live in Denver. Our favorite thing about it was always seeing the mountains. Somehow seeing them gave us a feeling of energy or awe that made everyday life better. God uses his creation to love and inspire us, just as human artists do.

“And the breeze that blew from the sunrise made me hope in God, who had breathed into my nostrils the breath of life. He had so completely filled me with his breath, mind, and Spirit that I would only think his thoughts and live His life. Within his life I had found my own, but now it was eternally glorified.” (George MacDonald)

This isn’t my favorite song in the world, but very fitting for today…Redeemer by Nicole Mullen

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