The line above the match should really say ‘Try again’.  There are many times in my life where I had to try again and other times I wish I had an undo button (when I say things that offend) or could just hit refresh (let’s just clear the bad air or make the hurt feelings go away).

Marriage, for example, takes persistance and determination…where with grace or sometimes even by sheer will we have to say ‘Let’s try this again’. It is especially true for things we feel God has called us to. When have you had to try again?

“In the old days of flint, steel and brimstone matches, people had to strike the match again and again, perhaps even dozens of times, before they could get a spark to light their fire, and they were very thankful if they finally succeeded. Should we not exercise the same kind of perseverance and hope regarding heavenly things? When it comes to faith, we have more certainty of success than we could ever have had with flint and steel, for we have God’s promises as a foundation.”

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