Today we have a sick little girl at our house. She is fighting a sore throat, cough and has a fever. She is my pneumonia getter so I have a difficult time not worrying which leads me to pray. It’s really the only thing left to do after exhausting my limited medical knowledge. Vicks, vaporizer, tylenol, honey, mucinex.

Last night as I was praying I thought to the previous time she was sick. I had prayed that she would get better. I was expecting a ‘Jesus raises the little girl’ type moment, instant health and was somewhat disappointed when I didn’t get it. Now looking back I realize how quickly healing did come…in the form of a trip to the walk-in clinic and powerful antibiotic injection (her 3 day fever had reached 104 and she had an infection in her lungs). Soon after she was back to her normal self. A praying mindset helped in this situation even though it didn’t result in the ideal I had in my mind. Maybe that is more true of what prayer is…a hand holding relationship where Jesus is our guide.

“When God says no to our prayer, dear heart,

And the clouds hang heavy and dull and gray;

If the rough rocks hinder and block the way,

While the sharp winds pierce us and sting with cold;

Yet, dear, there is home at the journey’s end,

And these are the trials the Father does send

To drive us as sheep to His Heavenly fold,

If God says no to our prayer, dear heart.”

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