Today I’m excited to have a guest contributor. I was trying to figure out how to represent the mountain tops and valleys. Rob Travis at Rob Travis Photography has graciously let me use one of his amazing photographs. See more photos on his Flickr account or purchase one at his etsy shop.

A couple of things that stood out to me…

“No one can stay on the mountaintop of favor forever for there are responsibilities in the valley. Christ fulfilled His life’s work not in the glory but in the valley, and it was there He was truly and completely the Messiah.”

“That is exactly where the Lord delights in giving His revelations. He seeks a man traveling an ordinary road, and ‘suddenly a light from heaven’ shines on him.”

This week I have been struggling with keeping my house clean, well I actually always struggle with that, but this week got kind of overwhelmed by the unending nature of it. I just had a sense of why bother…definitely a valley moment. Could it be that glory can come out of the ordinary tasks of life.

How do you keep it all in perspective?

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