It’s often in the harshest place that beauty grows. This is a photo taken by Josiah Frey. He took it while doing work for Teen Missions Canada in Saskatchewan. It’s a cold place in the winter, but look at the colors of fall. In those places where it’s warm year round the colors stay the same, yet the places where winter storms rage and harsh cold sets, in those are the places that display the most vibrant colors.Among the people we meet, don’t those who have experienced the lowest of lows and highest highs have a vibrancy to them as well. They have fought in the dark places and lived to tell. Those times and places color rainbows on our souls.

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Behind the scenes at our house…
Yesterday my daughter and I made some sidewalk paint from a recipe posted on Pinterest. The recipe is as follows:
2 TBSP Corn Starch
4 TBSP Water
5 to 6 drops food coloring

So simple my seven year old daughter was able to make it herself. For the first batch we used the traditional paint brush, but found it didn’t brush on very well, at least not after the first glob of paint. Then we tried using a twig to make dot patterns. After the second batch we decided we needed a squirt bottle to write with, but we didn’t have anything empty and suitable in the house. Looking around we found an old medicine syringe. It worked perfectly.

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