This past summer we had my son who was 12 ride his bike to meet his dad for lunch. This entailed googling the location, printing a map and then riding there and back. What should have taken 30 minutes took him 2 hours. (I’m glad only my dh knew he was late as I would gone out looking for him). He made it there and back safely. We live in a big city and most of the way was on bike trails, but still it was an accomplishment for him. Why did we do it? To force growth. We had to send him out to ‘battle’ so he could realize what was in him.

The reading today says “Is the Lord uncovering your gifts and causing them to grow? Is He developing in you the qualities of a soldier by shoving you into the heat of the battle? Should you not then use every gift and weapon He has given you to become a conqueror?” (Charles H. Spurgeon)

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