Songs in the night. When we are sleeping He is working and doing. Sometimes he works through our sleeplessness and the tears that come at night.

For some reason this reading reminded me of Christmas. I thought about the night of Jesus birth and what thoughts and feelings all the different people involved had. Mary and the pain of childbirth mixed with the awe of new life. Joseph with concern over Mary and trepidation of the adventure of fatherhood. I thought of the shepherds’ fear when the angels came, but also the feeling of honor and love they must have felt that they had been chosen for this great news. The wisemen who only had the star to guide them. Did they question themselves, were they afraid of being wrong and return home as failures? So many thoughts and feelings that night and yet a song was imparted to them all. Mary a song of hope, Joseph a song of faith, the shepherds a song of confidence and value, and the wisemen a song of worship. We too who are believers received a song that night…a song of deliverance and salvation.

What songs in the night have you been given?

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