Today’s reading references Psalm 107. It tells stories of deliverance and in each one humankind came to the point of desperation that gave God the opportunity of act. It says desperation is better than despair. And where God’s power begin.A blogger I follow, whose life is on the edge of crazy, moving to a small town in the middle of America from NY wrote this: “I’m convinced that the initial slip toward despair is the sense that you don’t belong.” This struck me because I often don’t feel like I belong. I am a third culture kid. First generation Canadian living in a foreign country, but not a visible minority. I am a mixture of all three cultures, not loyal 100% to one. I am a doer, not fitting the traditional role many women where I live take. Churches where I live either lean on the religious side or are progressive (and loud) so haven’t quite found a fit (since we moved) there either and I work in a male dominated field. I often find myself desperate teetering on despair. This ‘not belonging’ has driven me to the one place where I belong and am accepted – Jesus.

What makes you desperate? I love to hear stories of God coming through. What’s your story of desperation (or despair)?

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