Todays reading made me think of all the storms in our life… some are a bit calmer while others are very powerful. During these times we often wonder why, what possible good can come from this? As if we are the tree and our every limb is being ripped away piece by piece but our roots allow us to endure so much… more than we think possible. Through the strongest of storms its our roots, or rather our faith that pulls us through. After the storm passes and after time goes by we just might see part of God’s plan shining through. We may begin to realize the impact the storm had. The experience hopefully made us stronger and drew us closer to God. The storms will keep coming, it’s inevitable, but I hope and pray that I will keep my focus on the Lord and trust Him… for I know His intentions are not to harm me but to draw me closer to Him and one day only complete peace will follow and no more storms will come. How wonderful that day will be!Feel free to visit Enduring Arts. Enter ICARE20 at checkout and 20% of the sale will be donated to All God’s Children International. Help ease someone else’s storm.This post was written by Jodi Ulschmid. She blogs as well if you’d like to check it out, or visit her storeand support All God’s Children International. Thank you so much for the great encouragement Jodi.

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